Left on Highway 101

(Blank) on my dogs head

So, this blog has been all the rage in the last few days.  It’s cute, I get it, I guess I’m just bitter.  Thing is, I’ve been putting crap on my dog’s head for years

Like hats:

and hedgehogs:


silken tapestries:



condoms for chrissakes. condoms.

So, the moral of this story is, degrading pictures of dogs are funny.  Blog about it and you may just wind up with a book deal.  


This is Quark and Deezl, collectively known as Brangelina:

This one’s gonna be a heartbreaker

There is a new addition to the Balajadia family, and it’s two-legged for once!  Behold, Carter Ronnell Cansino:

He’s 75% Filipino and 25% Japanese which means he is exceptionally cute.  

Here are a couple of things I made him, that I have yet to give him before he grows out of them. 

Booties to wear to the Cal games:

Made from thrifted worsted weight acrylic.

And this hat (heavily improvised), which I may or may not give him, not sure if it will fit a humanoid, and I’m pretty sure Quark wants it for her own.  

Super-soft, made from a boucle yarn especially for babies.  

Christmas presents for my Haines homies - Marvin and Leonard.

Christmas presents for my Haines homies - Marvin and Leonard.

Lizards of Puerto Rico

There were very few herpetodes in Alaska, and I don’t actually think there are any lizard species there.  I find it delightful when they run across my toes.

Like them…


My Ravelry projects page. My name is chilkatchum, if anyone of you are fellow Ravelers.


I’ll do more detailed posts of individual projects someday. Maybe. 

Migration South

We’re leaving Alaska but I still have a Nikon perma-strapped around my shoulders which is constantly pooping out pictures. This is where they are going, however intermittently.